Blessing the Network

Who is blessing the whole network? The Big Peaceful Beagle that’s who! Is BPB checking for criminal activity? No. Is BPB monitoring the … Read More

Abstractions For All!

Stop making sense. When you have abstract paintings in your house, you can read a language without words. You can see … Read More

Frogiche Greene

Frogiche Greene was elected prime mini minister of the Amphibians. On him first day the velvet satin furniture was diverged … Read More

Reach By Ape!

Monkey try get pine cones! Monkey try get pine cones! Monkey why you need pine cones? Monkey need pine cones! If have pine … Read More

Chaotic World Ok

Boom bash the explosion runaway, built on faulty structures. Wheels turn on a path winding around then starting and ending … Read More

Bantom GUB

Sometimes let the subconscious speak at least on a 9 x 12 piece of paper. Below the surface is mostly … Read More

Trying Too Hard

What if we are all trying too hard? What if there is really nothing to prove, and no goals that … Read More

Future Garden

All the flowers and weird beings are being out of their under earth pods. They squish out and now are … Read More

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