True Expression Verified

What is “True Expression” in a Zen context? Here is a Dharma talk that comments on “Dotoku” a 13th century Zen Buddhist essay … Read More

Dharma Talk: Moving

When asked “What is the fundamental constant principal?” Ancient Chinese Zen Master Yantou answers “moving.” Here is a Dharma talk I … Read More

The Empty Calendar

Just Sitting still time rolls by, all phenomena, light, moon, sun, our breath just happening. See your whole being as … Read More

Perfect Wisdom

The attainment of Perfect Wisdom is one of the great ideals of Buddhism, yet Chaotic Stupidity seems to be the free-flowing currency of … Read More

Daffodils and Rebirth

Daffodils are the wonderful yellow flower that for me and many people symbolize the coming of spring. I gave this Dharma … Read More

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