SENDING new music collaboration

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Here is the first collection of songs by SENDING – a new collaboration with composer Jimmy Garver. For two years now Jimmy and I have been getting together mostly once a week to freely improvise and experiment with electronic music. The sets of sounds and rhythms flowed in surprising ways, and organically morphed into distinct compositions which we later arranged and recorded.

In some of our sessions we just created drones or loops and let them roll out for long stretches, adding instruments, sounds and musical patterns spontaneously. The songs that emerged are mysterious and often transform over time. We experimented with odd time signatures as in “Zebra” or sound effects like the sound of the wind on mars recorded by Nasa’s Perseverance Mars rover that is used at the start and end of “Mars Calling.”

Jimmy Garver has a long career of electronic music making. He has written and recorded music for plays, dance performances and art installations. He has worked with many players, singers, writers, visual artists and choreographers.

Working with him has been exciting and inspiring for me. We seem to have complementary styles, Jimmy often creating the “low end” bass lines and drum patterns. I often supply the “high end” beeps and synth melodies. Often, but not always. SENDING is truly experimental music. Please listen here or on our Bandcamp Page. If you like it please consider purchasing our digital album and following us. By following our us on Bandcamp you will be updated on new releases and any live gigs that we are planning to play. Enjoy!

The photography we are using for our album cover is by our friend Alon Koppel. He is also a multi-talented artist and neighbor. His long exposure photos of Hudson Valley scenes appealed to our sense on time and place. You can see his fantastic visual language on his Instagram account.

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