"Frogiche Wins The Award" Digital Painting

Frogiche Greene

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Frogiche Greene was elected prime mini minister of the Amphibians. On him first day the velvet satin furniture was diverged to him in the pink parmigiano palace. He sat on the puffa-puffa lamb chair and declared, “Today all the Amphibians will rejoice! Pieces of wood will be distributed for free to every newt, turtle and tadpole, along with paints, pens, brushes and baskets!”  The object of the new law was to allow plastic multi-jewels to become currency with value. Soon the ponds overflowed with the smell of cornbread and laundry. Cherry blossoms and sparkling stars powdered the donut of earth. A millions of thankful notes were passed between all the families of species, and everyone smiled and vowed never to make any opinion into a devil’s hobnob shoe. Frogiche Greene was pleased with his self. His partner was delighted too and did a dance fresh from the shower. This leads to high spirited laughter and rolling on the floor. Of course every day was not like this at the pond, but who was to say when it would end or begin?


artwork: “Frogiche Wins The Award” digital painting August 28th 2014. Available as print.

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