The Other Shore

The Other Shore

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Paddling the raft with determination is good, but allowing it just to float in the right direction might be more efficient. When you arrive at the other shore you will be glad. You will stay there for a while on the empty beach. There are little pavilions for shade and free cold drinks. Then without fail you will return to where you came from, but you will no longer need a raft. Back at home you will be refreshed and ready to work.


“The Other Shore” 9 x 15 inches – acrylic on wood panel with sea shells and attached wooden cutouts – May 20, 2014

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  1. Roshi
    | Reply

    Beautiful joyful image, asks a question.
    Other shore? This shore? Are they one or are they two?
    And floating or paddling? Are they one or are they two?
    Today I was reading about happiness: is it a matter of pleasure or purpose? Are they one or are they two?

  2. Musho
    | Reply

    The whole shore is inside the tiny seashell,
    floating or paddling,
    even on a cold November day.

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