"Kitty Hawk" by Rodney Alan Greenblat

Abstractions For All!

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Stop making sense. When you have abstract paintings in your house, you can read a language without words. You can see forms that have are non-representational. You can enjoy freedom from meaning. You can appreciate line and color for what they are. You can make up your own associations and stories about the works if you want. You can easily ignore them. You can easily enjoy them. Your guests will be impressed, and might imagine you know something about art. If you want, you can say they are influenced by Kandinsky and Calder, or you can say they remind you of a child’s birthday party. Either one is Ok. They are abstract.

I made most of these images in 2005-2006, then in 2007 the ART PRINT JAPAN print publishing company went along with my plan to make them into prints and sell them in their cool galleries and shopping malls in Japan. I received 5 each as artist’s proofs, and I’m selling them here on my website for very reasonable prices. They make great gifts that are unique, sophisticated, and without specific meaning. Sizes range from 7 to 24 inches in length, and prices are from $25 to $85 depending on size. Click here for all the prices, or click on the images below to see the titles and dimensions. Signed and numbered by the artist, high quality ink jet prints on heavy archival paper. Printed in Japan. Abstractions for All! Thanks for looking.

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