The Empty Calendar

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Just Sitting still time rolls by, all phenomena, light, moon, sun, our breath just happening. See your whole being as simply a red line floating over the calendar of your life. Here is a Dharma talk I gave at the Village Zendo on July 30, 2015. The talk contain comments and references to the text: “Cultivating the Empty Field – The Silent Illumination of Zen Master Hongzhi.” Translated by Zen teacher and writer Taigen Dan Leighton, friend of the Zendo. The book is a collection of Hongzhi’s Dharma talks and poems. Here are my comments on Hongzhi’s inspiring writing, and a metaphor for emptiness that references the Apple “Calendar” daily planning software.

Cultivating the Empty Calendar


The dharma realm in the ten directions raises from the single mind. When the single mind is still, all appearances are entirely exhausted. Which one is over there? Which one is myself? Only when you do not differentiate forms, suddenly not a single dust is established, not a single recollection is produced. 

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