No Stability Stability

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Zen wants to pull away from our quest for stability, so we end up with a new kind of stability. Here is a Dharma Talk I gave on March 25th, 2018. I look into Palm Sunday, describe the duties of senior students at the Village Zendo, tell a story of a night at a bar that relates that to my own quest for stability. The talk ends with a short commentary of the last verse of “The Ten Ox Herding Pictures.” 20 minutes.

(The mic in this recording was malfunctioning. Please excuse the slight mic noise and feedback)

No Stability Stability


Picture 10 “Entering the Marketplace With Extended Hands” reprinted from Lectures on The Ten Ox Herding Pictures by Yamada Mumon translated from Japanese by Victor Sogen Hori, University of Hawai’i Press 2004


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