"Kindness Filling Station" 2014

Kindness Filling Station

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As you walk the path that glitters through the woods, you will come upon the Kindness Filling Station. It offers a fresh recharging of kindness that you will need as you grow weary. The station is attended by Bright Relaxed Flower Guardian who patiently waits for your arrival. She keeps the station clean and polished and always has a cheery word to say. At night the moon shines on the rainbow hills, and if the conditions are perfect you can see the Big Chocolate Chip Cookie.

As the world kindness shortage continues, more Kindness Filling Stations will be installed in the random places. Just as you are grumbling and fed-up you will come across the bright sign. The kindness refill is free, and with a little conservation lasts and lasts.

“Kindness Filling Station” June 6th, 2014, acrylic on wood panel with metallic paint and glitter 9 x 14, will be part of my next show, summer 2015, BCB gallery Hudson NY.


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