Game: Thunder Bunny’s Rainbow Slide

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My first game for iOS and Android phones is here! THUNDER BUNNY’S RAINBOW SLIDE is available now! It is made in Japan by INTERLINK PLANNING with my great characters Thunder Bunny and Shypupu and some all new game characters including Strawberry, Piglet and Baby Duck!Try it out and let me know what you think!





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  1. Ryan Silberman
    | Reply

    Well this is unexpected! Congratulations!
    I’ll be sure to give this one a spin as soon as my money from ebay selling comes into my paypal (Estimated date for that is the 17th). 😀

    I wish I could get my Android games to be on iOS.
    (Also, I sent you an email yesterday morning)

  2. Judy Seicho Fleischman
    | Reply

    What a wonderful game! have been sitting with this question of how and what to focus on now that embodies and expresses and invites that playful togetherness that you and I have
    been sharing all these years.

    I downloaded the game and played. It is simple in the best possible way! Embodied beauty and so simplistic on the surface that it invites me to look below the surface to the imagery as a dharma gate, the words as koans, open ended questions, and I don’t even know yet if has sound. The movement, the flow, the way thunderbunny always catches shypupu, and sliding down the rainbow.

    Your game shows what is possible when we
    open our eyes and our hearts to one another.
    This is climate change that heals and makes
    me very happy!

    What the world needs now…

    Thank you!!!

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