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Thunder Bunny Helps Shypupu – Children’s Picture Book by Rodney Alan Greenblat 2010

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Thunder Bunny Helps Shypupu is a children’s picture book printied and distributed in Japan. 7 x 10 inches. It is a soft cover beautifully printed on high quality paper, with 40 pages. 2010.

It is the story of a little purple dog named Shypupu who is too shy to play with other dogs and enjoy his life. Thunder Bunny comes and shows Shypupu that caring for others is the best way to overcome shyness.

The watercolor paper dustcover includes information in Japanese, but the printed book covers are in English. The book includes a short written character profile and postscript in Japanese and English. This book will be a treasure for your collection.

Signed and dated by the author.

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  1. Carmine

    Picked this up because it looked cute. My kids love it and ask me to read it every day!

  2. jwong

    please tell me you have a secret stash of this book somewhere. if so please let me know as I WILL BUY IT!!!!!

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