Music Album: Breezing Through The World

Here is a 2015 album of odd electronic music called “Breezing Through The World.” If you have been following my website you may have listened to some preview cuts, “Warm Oatmeal Starship,” “Plum Blossom Appreciation Patrol” and others. Now all the songs and many new tracks are all together and available on

The title comes from Zen Master Hongzhi, quoted from Cultivating the Empty Field translated by Taigen Dan Leighton. In this short text Hongzhi says “Since the inside is empty and can respond, absorbing or not absorbing is equal. Since the outside is interconnected and constantly vacant, abiding or not abiding is all the same.” In this way I let my synthesizers, sound gadgets and software interact with each other freely. Sometimes there was absorbing, and sometimes there was no absorbing. Maybe this means that harmony and dissonance must exist at the same time and be experienced as neither good nor bad. Probably not difficult for Master Hongzhi, but I wonder what he would have thought of my music. If he knew my process of interconnectedness and constant vacancy, he might approve, but listening through his 12th century ears he probably would get a throbbing headache.

I hope my music does not give you a headache. Whether you abide with my music or not abide, there may be some enjoyment or at least a diversion from what you were previously thinking. Please support my effort to make music by purchasing “Breezing Through the World” for only $5.

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Link to my updated Rodney Music page

On you can now listen and download “Baby Sea Robot” my first commercially published music album from 1996. Previously only available on iTunes, now you can purchase it for only $4.


3 Responses

  1. Yuuka
    | Reply

    nice to connect to your vacancy!

  2. Roshi
    | Reply

    I love it! No expectations, what comes next, comes next, breezing along, with Hongzhi.

  3. Ryan Silberman
    | Reply

    I like Warm Oatmeal Starship! It has a calm and catchy melody, with kind of a Parappa vibe to it (or at least I could imagine the characters swaying to it!) 😉

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