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  1. Brandon
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    I had almost forgotten that you actually made your own music.
    It’s just as surreal and whimsical as your art.

    I wish I had the pleasure to have experience some of these, like Dazzeloids, when I was younger. But better late than never, right?

    The way you blend synthetics and random dodads through out your songs are almost hypnotic. Of course i’m also of fan of videos called YTPMV or Youtube…uhhh…poop…music videos where people take clips and sounds and recreate or make original music from them.

    In a way I love how creative some people can be when they deviate from the norm.

    Lovely song, along with your albums on the site.

  2. Roshi
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    Delightful, funny music, goes with the oatmeal across the sky…..

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