Mirror Perception - Computer Graphic 2003

Whimsyload New Look!

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Whimsyload.com went online in 1994, that’s 20 years ago! All these years I’ve designed and maintained it with good old HTML. Around 2002 I hired a programmer to write a database so that I could catalog and present all my artworks online and sell stuff in an online store. Aside from that, it was just good old HTML. Now times have changed, and I’ve decided to switch to WordPress the slick blog software that lets anyone put together programming puzzle pieces created by talented programmers and designers, and make cool blogs and websites, mostly for free. Since companies and individuals who use WordPress are all using many of the same puzzle pieces, their websites often behave similarly and sometimes look similar too. That’s good and bad. Although it’s much more difficult do page layouts and programming for WordPress, it’s so much easier to update! That was my problem with HTML. Updating things required getting into the nuts and bolts every time. WordPress is much more about presenting content. That’s what I really want to do, and sell stuff! I think the commerce options that WordPress has are great. I’m sure there are many fans of the old Whimsyload, who loved my fun approach to HTML, but I think you will like the immediacy and connected quality of my new site.

Its a lot of work to move all the artwork and products from my old site, so I am doing it a little at a time. Please register and I’ll update you with all the new things I’ll be adding. I’m looking forward to your comments! Whimsyload.com now ready for the 21st century!



Artwork – “Mirror Perception” 2003 – Computer Graphic – available here.

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  1. Aaron Stewart
    | Reply

    I love your new clean wonderful website.

    • Musho
      | Reply

      Thanks Aaron! You are the first person to see the site live! I really appreciate it.

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