Preview: With Dog

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Here is a photo of our dog Jif posing in front some of the paintings at the preview of “Vibrant Space,” happening Thursday May 14th. Good boy Jif! Great photos by my daughter Kim.


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  1. Roshi
    | Reply

    What does the dog know about spaciousness? What about Buddhanature? Does he have it?

  2. Susan
    | Reply

    Rodney, the paintings LOOK FANTASTIC. !!!
    Wish I could make it to the showing!!? (not able to though, alas).
    Anyhoo, LOVE the new work from what I can see in the pics. Love this dog, too. hahaha!?

  3. Ryan Silberman
    | Reply

    He sure seems to enjoy being surrounded by works of art. 😉

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