Peace House - Acrylic on Canvas, 50 x 42 inches, 2004

Peace House

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Peace Man dances above the tree, as the rainbow softly tickles the ground. The rainbow of nonviolent energy is flowing out of a house. The house symbolizes all the simple dwellings where people live and make basic decisions about their own lives. This is the only place where true nonviolence can grow. It is beyond governments, ethnicity, religions or social movements. Nonviolence must be taught and cherished. It is not just a dream of Gandhi and Martin Luther King. It is the way to our own survival and balance with each other and the natural world.

Peace House – Acrylic on Canvas, 50 x 42 inches, June 14 2004

  1. Roshi
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    How pertinent, just as we celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King’s memorial day this week, comes this joyous expression of how nonviolence springs from our homes, our trees, and our world. Indeed, a fortuitous reminder! This would be a great painting to have in an office of a non-profit dedicated to peace in families. . .

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