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  1. Brandon
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    You know whenever you post a new piece, I usually like to meld with it in mind for a few days. Try to gel it with all my thoughts to match it.

    To me it’s speaks of nostalgia. A place which once many people have been to over and over and over. And the music is like the pace of time as it continues on.

    And although the cars eventually move on there is a reminder of the past still there, though not as lively or not as neat as it once was.

    The guy in the fence however…ummm…someone new?

    Ahhh to be young again…

    Thank you for another thoughtful piece. I truly enjoy them as always.

  2. Mable
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    Musho! You’re such a huge inspiration to me!

    I love the simplicity and layout of this piece. The clear sky is very calming, and makes it seem like the pink and purple fellow is probably friendly. There’s a lot of mystery to it as well. Why are they fenced in? (the monster thing). Why is something so unusual next to something so mundane? (the parking lot). The music is nostalgic as well, and it reminds me of background music for PC and Gamboy Advance games I used to play as a kiddo in the 90s/early 00s.

    This is excellent, and it’s so refreshing to see an update for you! Keep on bringing happiness, creativity, and peace to this lonely world <3

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