"Future Garden" Computer graphic 2005

Future Garden

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All the flowers and weird beings are being out of their under earth pods. They squish out and now are so happy they sing and jostle with great joy. Wheels, bananas, spring and stars are all there with even the lost sock and lemon.

This is a computer graphic from 2004 in March. When waiting for spring in upstate New York one can become inpatient and even a little stir crazy. I conjured a garden of squishy exuberant flowers, fruits and creatures that I imagined might be waiting under the soggy brown snow patched ground. They are moving in every direction, and bursting out of each other. This was also a time when my artwork was going into a transition. That summer I made a lot of ceramics and paintings like this where the figures were becoming more strange and abstracted. I started pulling apart the figuration and all the characters were jumbled around like blobs and paisley. I didn’t know what was happening, but by the end of 2004 I was making completely abstract pictures, and all the buggy eyeballs and weird grinning goofy creatures were gone. Why? Why did I abandon them? I guess I was just sick of them. I needed to experiment, and I think I had the urge to “get serious” about my artwork, which I guess meant (at the time) getting rid of buggy eyeballs and weird grinning goofy creatures. Too bad for them. Now looking back I really like the 2003 – 2004 works with all the buggy eyeballs and weird grinning goofy creatures. Being an artist is a hard job. The urge to throw out all past work sometime can sweep through the mind, but it’s impossible. Making artwork is an ongoing learning experience, and it is very treacherous to judge your own works harshly. In the middle of 2005 “Future Garden” was just the kind of work I was trying to get away from. Now I feel I can move towards it and really enjoy it. I will post some more works from this period soon.

I have made “Future Garden” into an ink jet print if you would like to have this joyous crazy image in you home. Once again, thanks for reading and I hope to hear your comments.

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  1. kalyna
    | Reply

    I love the title ‘Future Garden” to start with. It’s a wonderful, joyous picture, and looks like a great garden to visit .

    • Musho
      | Reply

      Thanks Kalyna. It would be a fun place to visit. I imagine it being very wet and splashy. Maybe kind of slippery too. Would you wear shoes or not when you were there?

  2. Kaku
    | Reply

    Sometimes we think progress is linear, that the latest should be the best….but whoever grew up not like a puppy: one hind leg, a front paw, then head and who knows what’s next?
    Thanks Musho!!!

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