Dharma Delight – Book Tour Part 1

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I’ll be making some personal appearances to promote my book Dharma Delight! First will be Portland Oregon on Sunday May 22nd at the LINEWORK NW illustration festival. I’ll be speaking that day and have a table to sign books and chat. Next New York City on May 27th at the Village Zendo. This will be a whole evening devoted to Dharma Delight and my Dharma home. I’ll read from the book, have a guest speaker or two, sign books and chat. Food too! Then also in NYC on June 18th I’ll visit Kinokuya Bookstore in midtown. The next day June 19th I’ll be down in Philadelphia at the Soji Zen Center to give a Dharma talk and sign some books. I hope you can come to one of these event for my book that goes on sale May 10th!


• Portland Oregon: Sunday May 22, at the LINEWORK NW illustration festival
• New York City: Friday May 27, 7:30pm at the Village Zendo (event page)
• New York City: June 18 Kinokuya Bookstore
• Philadelphia: June 19 Soji Zen Center

Purchase the book here from Amazon.com





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  1. Brandon
    | Reply

    Congratulations on your new book.

    I hope it is well received. Oh to see one of those shows…
    Sorry, I’m on the other coast. Ignore the whining.

    Have fun at those places.

  2. Ryan Silberman
    | Reply

    Congratulations on the book! Although Buddhism/Zen is not anything I embrace personally, I can definitely see this book being a great visual treat 😉

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