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Signed copies of Dharma Delight are now available here online at the Whimsyload Rodney Shop. Dharma Delight makes a great gift, and is a fantastic and fun way to learn about Buddhism and Zen, or present your own Buddhist practice to the young people in your life. Here are some of the great reviews:

“If one of the goals/desirable side effects/indicators of success of a Buddhist practice is the ability to see things differently, Greenblat’s whimsical fancy testifies to the depth of his personal immersion into Buddhism while affording the rest of us an excellent opportunity to re-commit to and deepen our own practices. “—(Un Peaceful Buddhist) read this whole review… interesting! RG

“A whimsically illustrated guide to the basic concepts of Zen and Buddhism … The fanciful and very colorful artwork exists somewhere in the nexus among doodles, primitivism, and comics and features figures like the smiling “Thunder Bunny cloud deity,” a panda Zen master, and a “Sentient Bean.”” —School Library Journal

“The whole book is a visual treat — bursting with colourful, fun illustrations which are packed with detail…Taking a massive and complicated topic, Greenblat easily breaks concepts down into delicious and very edible chunks… —HaikuGirl’s Japan blog

“Greenblat introduces readers to Buddhism and Zen with a pleasant, inviting combination of art and text … Thoughtful older teens and adults seeking a spiritual outlet may find much to enjoy here.” —Booklist

“Fans of Greenblat’s video game and comic book characters (such as PaRappa the Rapper and Thunder Bunny) will recognize his whimsical style in this graphic book collecting his art related to Buddhism, particularly Zen… the creative exuberance, wild variety of art styles, information-packed pages, and playfully wise treatment of a seemingly serious subject should invite closer investigation by a range of readers interested in Buddhism” —Publishers Weekly

“This colorful, fun, and gorgeous meditation on Buddhism is sure to delight anybody who encounters it! Rodney’s fantastical style makes this a true work of art, as well as an informative volume for those who are practicing, or even just curious about Zen.” —Abby Denson, comic artist, musician and author of A Cool Japan Guide

“Zen teaching, long known for its spiritual humor, here finds vibrantly new, playfully authentic life. When Original Face meets Original Mind we are in for a treat. Dharma Delight is a wonderfully unique and quite genuine Zen book like no other.” —Rafe Martin, Zen teacher and author of The Banyan Deer and Endless Path

“Greenblat’s made something quite attractive, personal, and informative.” —Japan Reference blog

“Dharma Delight reveals the key tenets of Buddhism with bright, vibrant illustrations … The author’s illustrations leap from the page with cute monstrosities and humor.” —Japan Powered blog



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