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Climate Change of Mind

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I’m involved with the destruction of the environment. I dump toxins into the river. I pump fracking juice into the deep earth and force up gas that I burn right away. I use cars and airplanes that choke the atmosphere. I pay taxes that are used to support dangerous industries including warfare. I buy products from irresponsible companies. Most of the food I eat moves around from distant locations by more trucks, ships and airplanes. I throw away tons of plastic packaging and toxic garbage that goes into a landfill that I ignore.

1. Changed 90% incandescent light bulbs to LED.
2. Only use air conditioning and heating when absolutely necessary.
3. Use public transportation whenever possible, especially trains.
4. Shop less, and only buy things that are useful and necessary.
5. Conscious of what is thrown away, and reuse-recycle as much as possible.

Rain and wind comes and floods the town. The electricity goes down, and all the electronic communications stop. All the infrastructure is damaged or destroyed by the flooding. Real estate investments are now worthless. Many people are suddenly homeless. Although the beach homes and businesses of the super rich are also damaged, it is the people who are on the economic margin who are hurt the most.

The earth turns continuously
and the dinosaurs are extinct.
My sandwich is in a styrofoam clam shell.
Buddhas and ancestors beg for their lives.


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  1. Roshi
    | Reply

    such honesty! This leads to action. Thank you.
    Also, why not post this on village zendo listserv?

    • Musho
      | Reply

      Thanks Roshi, I’m working on a follow-up to this post and I’ll alert the group with the update and additional info.

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