Bear Valley - 8 x 10 inches

Bear in the Valley

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The paints had mostly dried up. The jars that were not completely dry had a variety of textures. One resembling chewed gum, another clotted cottage cheese, and another the cheese on a six hour old cold pizza. Decided to use them anyway. Made a bear out of clay-like phthalo green. Put some wiggle eyes on him. Stuck him on the background of lumpy permanent green light and sticky spectrum yellow.

“I’m holding together,” says the bear. “My legs are not connected to my body, yet I stand here proudly in the great green valley.” Monumental in one way, like poo in another. This is the worst-best painting.

Bear in the Valley, acrylic on canvas covered board with wiggle eyes, 8 x 10 inches, January 1, 1999

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  1. Brandon
    | Reply

    Hello once more.

    You know I may or may not have mentioned before i’m trying my hand at art, thanks to you.

    And sometimes I feel kinda like this picture on some level:
    Unrefined, imperfect and maybe even spontaneous with no rhyme or reason.
    Yet it feels so great to stand back for a moment, away from the critic within me, and say to myself, “I really like this mess I created”.

    Ironically a TMBG line from Boss of Me. Weird…

    I really do like how no matter what you are doing, there’s never a sense of regret or retraction. And it makes me glad I can do the same.

    I hope others can take the same away from this as well. You sure do deserve some more fans, especially back in the States.

    Hope you have Merry Christmas.

  2. Musho
    | Reply

    Thanks Brandon, much appreciated!

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