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RodneyFun Comic Collection 1 – 5 mini comic book collection by Rodney Alan Greenblat 2000

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RodneyFun Comic Collection 1 – Published by Little More in Japan in 2000. 7.5 x 6 x .5 inches.¬†Five mini comic books featuring Rodney’s famous characters from Japan, Parappa The Rapper, Katy Kat, Sunny Funny and PJ Berry. Also included is a the first story of Square E Bear, a new and stylistically different character. Each book is 20 pages long. All 5 comics are included in the attractive box. Written in English with Japanese subtitles. Originally available in JAPAN ONLY – NOW OUT OF PRINT. VERY LIMITED US quantity left!

Signed and dated by the author.

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  1. Chai

    I found these in a charity shop and instantly bought them having been a major fan of the Parappa PS1 game in the nineties. The artwork is amazing and the stories are simple but slightly surreal giving them a compelling sophistry, exhibiting the everyday trials of creative people in an urban environment. It’s also great to have a bit more background on the characters in the video game. They are charming and fun and being bilingual they can be enjoyed by audiences in Japanese and English. I would recommend them at any price!

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