Parappa the Rapper iPhone Case (12 Pro Max)


Parappa iPhone Lava-lamp case 12 pro Max

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Slightly out-of-date Parappa the Rapper iPhone Cases for 7 different iPhone models. The case has a double layer that contains some kind of colored ink, and when you move the phone around there is a kind of weird cool lava-lamp effect. (See link to video below.) Printed on top of that is our hero Parappa. Quality of the plastic is good and will probably protect your phone in a mild fall. If you accidentally run over your phone with your car I suppose all the colorful lava-lamp ink will squish out and make a huge mess but it won’t matter because your phone will be crushed anyway. Maybe this is more of a collectors item. It’s a very rare item imported from Japan. Brand new in original clear plastic package.

I have 7 models, with just one of each, with two of the 12 pro. The photos are of the 12 Pro. None of them fit a standard iPhone 13 or 14 sorry.


This listing iPhone 12 Pro Max


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