Signed Print – Peace Being Knocks Down The Wall


Signed ink jet print.


This is a new ink jet print of an original drawing from 2009. Printed on high quality 11 x 14 archival paper. Colors are bright and carefully checked. Hand signed by the artist.

Peace Being has broken through a colorful wall of hinderances. Maybe it is the wall of any barrier that anyone might confront in life, anything that stops anyone from achieving what they need to achieve, and stops happiness or freedom. The colorful bricks don’t seem to be held together with anything. No mortar or glue, or fittings like Lego blocks have. They are just stacked up blocks, maybe even made out of foam rubber. What seemed impenetrable to iWorld could be easily knocked over by Peace Being who is not afraid.

Peace Being has four eyes. Two are open, always looking out at the world, and two closed that always search inside his own thoughts and feelings. There is a tear that represents all the sorrow in the world, and a bandage for all the hurt and suffering. On the top there is a heart that symbolizes the power of love. There are olive leaves on each side which offer peace, and the flower petals allude to impermanence. Peace Being has all the different major skin color groups of human beings, which is meant to show racial tolerance and equanimity.

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Dimensions 11 × 14 in


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