Signed Print – Parappa Flying Playstation 1


Signed ink jet print of the Parappa the Rapper Japanese PSP box art.


This is a new ink jet print of a special illustration that was done for the cover of Sony’s in-house magazine in Japan 1997. Printed on high quality11 x 14¬†archival paper. Colors are bright and carefully checked. Hand signed by the artist.

“I was asked by Sony Creative Products to design a cover for Sony Japan’s in-house “Sony Family” magazine. It is a special publication for Sony employees and management showcasing the activities of the many divisions in the huge company. They wanted to show Parappa and his friends and the PS1 which was their hottest selling item at that time. It was great to include Parappa in that mix, because although it was not as big as “Final Fantasy” in terms of sales, it was becoming one of the most well loved games, and being on the cover of this publication added to it’s mystique within Sony. This is the first time this image has been released to the general public, and is a rare image of Parappa with the PS1 hardware. Originally it had the “Sony Family” logo at the top and features information covering the buildings at the bottom. Now you can easily see those buildings, which were a bit of an inside joke for my co-workers. From left to right, the first building has the letter I, standing for Interlink Planning, the agency I work for in Japan, next “RG” world headquarters, and last “SCP” for Sony Creative Products written on a baby chick, I think to symbolize their small but growing size as a division of Sony.”

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