Signed Print – Parappa the Rapper Town


Signed ink jet print of the original Parappa the Rapper poster art.


This is a new ink jet print of the original poster art that was part of the 1996 Japanese “Parappa The Rapper” Playstation game packaging. Printed on high quality 11 x 14 archival paper. Colors are bright and carefully checked. Hand signed by the artist.

“I was asked to to design a full color poster that would have the game manual printed on the back. The poster would be folded up and put in the CD shape game packaging. OK, but my computer in 1995 was not really up to the task of making a high resolution 18 x 24 poster. I used Freehand and Painter software to build up the poster in layers and I managed to get it done. It was fun to try to imagine Parappa town from above and try to fit in all the locations that Parappa visits in the game. You can see the Onion Master’s “Fruits” dojo on a hill beyond the flea market. The Dojo has a blank yellow sign on the roof in this (my original) version of the file, because in the game version “Fruit’s Dojo” was written in Japanese. At the base of the purple mountains you can see Sunny Funny’s house which looks like a lemon. PJ Berri’s house looks like a tree stump with a Hershey’s chocolate kiss on the top. Parappa’s house has an above ground pool.”

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Dimensions 11 × 14 in


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