“The Underwater Suburbs” 1983 Acrylic on found furniture with fish tank and mixed materials. 30 x 24 x 14

A customized old TV set with a working fish tank inside. It has a light and small air pump that plugs into a US 110v outlet. The little ceramic house under the water was replaced with an improved design. The front panel comes off to service the fish tank. It is not necessary to have fish. Fantastic early work from the artist’s most famous show in the East Village 1983. Restored and electrical parts replaced 2012. The work has new meaning now as global warming and rising sea levels tend to engulf our homes.

Blub blub, suburbia is a fish tank. Confined space bubbling away, there is really nowhere to go, so just swim around. Sinking, evaporating, colorful, real, I am a fish.