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Welcome to the ever improving village of Catskill New York! We have relocated on the west side of the Hudson River, just across from the town of Hudson, about 2.5 hours north of New York City. We have purchased an old Main Street townhouse built in the 1840’s.

Our new house needs lots of paint and repairs, but the radiators are warm, the rooms are filled with light, and there is space to work. On the street level are two small storefronts. One is rented to Purrfect Tails of Catskill a specialty pet food and accessories store, and the other is unoccupied. Maybe the future location of a Rodney Shop.

After living most of our adult lives in downtown NYC, the shift to small town life is a challenge. You can hear my philosophical take on our move in a Dharma Talk I gave March 10th 2016. There is a lot of change going on in Catskill. The reasonable rents and real estate prices are bringing in a talented Brooklyn overflow and adventurous entrepreneurs. Of course the town has seen hard times and has some rough edges, but that is changing now.

Here are a few photos. I hope to post more as we begin to restore and customize our amazing old building.


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  1. Peggy
    | Reply

    Wow! Congradulations! The building looks clean and sturdy ! Wishing you and deena all the best ! Peggy

  2. Musho
    | Reply

    Thanks Peggy! I hope you can visit us up here someday!

  3. aaron stewart
    | Reply

    WOW, Amazing
    I would love and come visit you someday.
    Good Luck with the new location

  4. Jim Jinkins
    | Reply

    You did it! … Congratulations!
    Lisa and I are trying to get used to being “empty-nesters!” Rose has moved to Stamford CT and Heath is off at college in Nashville TN. We’ve put our 100+ year old Victorian house up for sale and are puzzling out our next move. After you get settled in we’d love to drop by sometime to say “hi!” Take care! Jim

  5. Michael KolO...
    | Reply

    What a fabulous building. Congratulations!

  6. liz K.
    | Reply

    The neighborhood will miss you guys……great building!

  7. Leslie Sager
    | Reply

    Looks like a wonderful old building, and a lot of fun making it just the way u want. Sending love to u both. See you soon.

  8. Brandon
    | Reply

    That’s pretty cool.

    Hope it isn’t haunted though, being an old house and all…

  9. Lora
    | Reply

    What a wild adventure! That building is oozing charm. Best of luck to you guys! And congrats on your new book.

  10. emily xyz
    | Reply

    We are practically neighbors! I looked at both Hudson & Catskill before finally settling in Saratoga Springs in 2011 (because I had friends there, among other things) – there is a lot of good property in Catskill. I’m sure you’ll be very happy! And you’re not far from Woodstock, which is also a nice ville. Best of luck, Rodney, hope to see you soon.

  11. emily xyz
    | Reply

    And congrats on the new book, too!!

  12. Jessica G
    | Reply

    What a great looking building! I wish you much happiness and comfort there.

  13. Phillip Retzky
    | Reply

    Hey Rodney, I feel like upstate is the next place to be. Life is so wondrously full of change and surprises. Best of luck, your new book (saw it this morning in Lions Roar) rocks, the building a lovely palette. Cher’s!

  14. MuKa
    | Reply

    Congrats, Musho! Looks great.

  15. Wendy
    | Reply

    Congratulations Rodney — it looks beautiful and the town is absolutely charming.
    Good luck with this project!

  16. Mable
    | Reply

    Congratulations on your new home, Musho, sir! I hope this movement of your home and belongings comes with a renewal of spirit and hope!

  17. Courtney K
    | Reply

    Congratulations! It looks wonderful. Wish the best of luck to you on restoring this house.

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