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I am so excited about my new book Dharma Delight available in stores and online on May 10th, 2016. It’s a visionary post pop comic guide to Buddhism and Zen. I started working on the artwork in 2007, with many of the paintings that were in my art exhibits in 2010 and 2013, and some of the artwork was made for promotions for the Village Zendo Zen meditation center in NYC.

I started putting the images together and writing the text in 2014. At first I only had a patchy idea of want the book would be, but as it came together I could see it as not just a personal account of my experience with Buddhism and Zen, but also possibly a new way for the young and curious enter the Dharma gate.

My friends at the Village Zendo encouraged me and my teachers there looked over the material for accuracy. I’m proud to say Zen Master Roshi Enkyo O’Hara wrote a wonderful preface to start the book in the right direction. Dharma Delight is published by the Tuttle Publishing Company whose editor and marketing people helped shape the book into something that made sense with their excellent list of books with Asian themes.

The book is available on Amazon.com.

Signed copies are available here.

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  1. Marja Samsom
    | Reply

    Absolutely marvelous news
    Congratulations w launch of
    Dharma Delight
    Cant wait get our paws on it
    Marja & Bibichibi

  2. Jenny Horn
    | Reply

    Can’t wait!! Looks great!

    – Jenny

  3. Kaku
    | Reply

    Fantastic !! I can’t wait to get mycopy and more for others!!

  4. Alex Escudero
    | Reply

    Beautiful! I can’t wait to talk with you more about your DC stop. Love, Alex (Getz) Escudero, Whitman 1978!

  5. Asao
    | Reply

    Hi Musho-san,
    Congratulations on the launch of a new book!!
    I assume people are craving for this kind of things somewhere in mind in this age.
    Is it okay to mention on “New York no Asagohan”?
    It is a kind of Dharma Delight’s cousin.

  6. Leslie Sager
    | Reply

    Wonderful and beautiful. Looking forward to reading my own copy.

  7. Ryoshin
    | Reply

    What a fun way to enter the Dharma stream! I can’t wait to get a copy and share it

  8. Devin
    | Reply

    Wonderful news and congratulations Musho Rodney!!Wow, a new book, how glorious. I just pre-ordered a copy for Marie and I and one for Duncan. It’ll be fun to see if our originals “The inexhaustible Lamp” or Duncan’s “Unlimited Faith offering” are included. Regardless, I plan on catching you at one of your personal appearances once they are posted. Perhaps the Barnes and Noble above Whole Foods in Tribeca? Hint, hint.

  9. Steve Karakashian
    | Reply

    Wow, Musho. Congratulations. It is so joyful.

  10. kathryn simon
    | Reply

    yay! bravo! xxkathryn

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