Open Society with Bells - Acrylic on canvas, 42 x 50 inches 2004

Painted with acrylic colors including metallic silver and gold on canvas. 50 x 42. From “Open Society” series made in 2004. The original painting is available. Contact BCB Gallery.

The open society is a society of different beings and things that get together and exist. Peaceman has arrived and he plays the golden bells. The golden bells ring a catchy harmony that proclaims a joyous spirit exists in the world. Peaceman has come with his two best friends, Lemon and Many Eyed World. Lemon is a guide who can see things honestly. She is a cheerful companion and also a teacher of reality. Many Eyed World sees a thousand different truths at once, and is the realization of self and individuality. For this reason Many Eyed World can be confused and forget what is important, but luckily Many Eyed World is friends with Peaceman and Lemon, who help Many Eyed World live gracefully. The other members of the Open Society jump and dance in the air, and are supported by each other. A round rectangle character shouts “GOODNESS” which can mean “wow!” or “oh my!” and can also mean “that which is good”.