Lemon Eye is a Buddha Manifestation from the seventh dimension whose purpose is to radiate joy and to protect and promote an open child-like mind. When pessimism, doubt and hopelessness overcome a being, Lemon Eye appears. A realization will then occur in the mind of the being and pessimism, doubt and hopelessness will be gently replaced with curiosity, openness and a sense of humor. Lemon eye will remain with the being for as long as the fresh perspective is needed. 

Neither a being or a non-being, Lemon eye exists in a reality that we can only describe as every-place at the same-time. Defying all laws of science and nature, physical boundaries and all dualities have vanished for Lemon Eye. 

Lemon Eye has a radial eye that can see through time and space, form and formless and see the interconnection that sparkles through eternity. With this eye it can see with total equality into the past and future karma that is generated by being. The radial eye has six or eight times compassion-wisdom with six or eight times total equality.

Lemon Eye has a second eye that is the comparison eye that sees ordinary reality. Differences, concerns, judgements, dependencies are all in focus of the comparison eye. It also sees its own softness and strength. In this way there is a balance between what is seen to every being and the limits of their own temporal realities. This gives Lemon Eye supreme empathy and everyday perception.

Lemon Eye’s body is self-replicating and is structured in a radial pattern. Each section of this radial structure contains a honeycomb of six or eight thousand more radial structures. Each one of these is a complete Lemon Eye reflecting and supporting each other infinitely. In this way Lemon Eye is never born or brought to an end. Neither are possible in the seventh dimension.

Practically speaking, Lemon Eye is fresh and fun. Even if a being is overwhelmed by boredom or disgust, Lemon eye can brighten that unpleasant outlook. Let’s say the being is comfortable with their boredom or disgust, and doesn’t want the help of ever-positive Lemon Eye. In that case Lemon Eye can see and relate to that being’s state of mind and will not appear, or appear very briefly. In this way Lemon Eye is never annoying.

In another case, you may be reading this and feel amused or even impatient, knowing that Lemon Eye is not real, a creation of a living artist, and has more in common with cartoonish doodles than the sublime super-reality that is presented in this writing. For Lemon Eye, this is another valid truth, one to be respected and accepted with a smile.

You may ask, why “lemon?” why not grape or banana or tangerine eye? It actually doesn’t matter. Lemon Eye is just lemon eye, fresh, simple, juicy and sour. To be grape is grape, and to be banana is banana. Tangerine is included too, along with all fruits and vegetables, grains, seeds, beans and every kind of plant. What about rock? Yes, “Rock Eye” is a possibility along with minerals, liquids and gasses. Our very atmosphere is “Atmosphere Eye” to its own extent. The seventh dimension endless in the imagination is all that is required to will them all into existence. Lemon Eye is in-common with all these and more, unlimited, flowing form and no-form, projecting delight and allowing ordinary and transcendent ease-joy to emerge like a spring bubbling up in a pond. Not separate from the water, yet unique, perfect with beneficial properties. 

If you have more questions about Lemon Eye, please ask. Thank you for reading. Musho

Lemon Eye in the Seventh Dimension

Welcome to the seventh dimension
Everything here is not here
Far is near, near is far
Time and space fold and unfold.
Be sure to try the pancakes.

Lemon Eye has two eyes.
One eye is a radial eye that can see sparking endless time and space
and six or eight times total equality.

The great sage of the seventh dimension is Lemon Eye.
Lemon Eye appears in the form of a lemon
so you will know it is fresh and juicy.

The other eye is a comparison eye that sees ordinary reality as it is.
This that and the other thing are all in the focus of the standard eye
and so there is action and understanding.

In the seventh dimension
Lemon Eye serves the pancakes.
One stack feeds billions of beings, and there are billion of stacks.
Thanks for coming by. See you again soon.