Trying Too Hard

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What if we are all trying too hard? What if there is really nothing to prove, and no goals that need to be met?

Here is my abstract painting “Get Over It” from 2004. It’s big, 60 x 70 inches. I worked for months on this, gradually changing it almost completely as I painted over and re-drew the elements. When I got to the point you see it in now, I still wasn’t completely satisfied. I decided to name it “Get Over it” so that I could just let go and move on to the next project. Then best part of it is that all the little propeller powered shapes seem to be floating over the central mountain without much trouble. They seem to be moving to a less confined space, although the busier world at the left looks fun and interesting. Maybe the difference between where they came from and where they are going is insignificant. They seem to be all managing to get over the central mountain easily.

What if life really not as difficult as it seems? What if the “big issues” are just caused by our psychological discontent and there really isn’t any reason to push or strive. What then?

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