NYC metro area:

$175 consultation 60-90 minutes
$1200 prepaid 20 hour package
$60 per hr 3 hour minimum

All services are prepaid and non refundable.
This means you must be there when I arrive for our appointments.
Any schedule changes must be made 7 days in advance.
No payment will be accepted unless you have a confirmation for a consultation.

The process begins with a simple email from you. Be as detailed as you like or as brief. Based on our exchange, we will arrange to meet for a consultation.



Outside NYC metro area:

I reserve a few weeks in my calendar to do projects that are outside of the NYC area. If you’d like me to consider your project, please contact me well in advance of your preferred dates. Fees and Travel expenses for projects outside NYC metro area are determined on a case by case basis.

Reduced Fee and Gratis Opportunities:

My team and myself are available for a select few projects every year that are either reduced fee or completely free of charge. If you are a non profit charitable organization and would like to contact me to work on behalf of your organization either for a group or an individual, please contact me.

If you are an individual who knows someone or are yourself in need of reduced fee or no fee service, please write a detailed description of the situation and we’ll see if we can get you sorted.

Depending on the specifics, we might ask you to partner with a non profit in your area in order to consider your request.