Over the past 20 years I’ve had experience working with seniors, creative people, busy families, clients with chronic disorganization and ADD. My projects have ranged from small closet makeovers and kitchen reorganizations to full house renovations, life style and senior downsizing and relocations.

My background as an artist, a personal assistant, event planner and caterer has proved to be unexpectedly excellent training for my work as a Professional Organizer.My natural inclination to organize and problem solve makes work a pleasure. Every project is a new puzzle and the joy is that finding the right solution helps people in very tangible ways and brings real happiness. Who wouldn’t love to do that?

Most of my clients are here in New York City, but I also have clients out of town as nearby as upstate NY and as far away as London and Tokyo. Knowing you’re working with someone you can trust completely can sometimes be more important than proximity. I am happy to discuss projects that require travel, but please be aware that there are additional costs and my availability is more limited.