Small Paintings Available from “Something to Look Forward to”

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My show is up at Hudson Hall, (July and August 2020) and the small works are selling well. There are a few still available. All these works are brilliant acrylic on a wood panel with painted sides. All feature LEMON EYE my avatar of fresh squeezed cosmic awareness. If you have not bought an original work of art before it is different from buying other things because it lasts. The moment it was made, the artist’s intentions and the time it was purchased are preserved. It becomes part of your home, and part of your life. Your purchase will support the great venue Hudson Hall, unique gallery BCB ART and my own endeavors to make more fantastic artwork. You can buy it directly from my website and I will ship it to you just after the show ends August 23, 2020. If you are interested in seeing the whole priceless from the show, please contact me.

“Lemon Eye Escapes from Darkness” 10 x 15 $625

“Makes Your Think Robot” 11 x 15 $625

“Makes You Think Mollusk” 11 x 15 $625

“Lemon Eye Letter E” 15 x 10 inches $550

Photos by Alon Koppel

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