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Cowboy Slim enjoys a nap in the midday garden. Little Guy in the little plaid house pops open the door to see. Tying to convey the mystery of sleep, maybe the little door is opening to the subconscious or the world of dreams.

Printed between 1987-1989, these super high quality large size prints were originally published by Martin Lawrence Galleries. They were printed in over 20 colors each by Durham press in Pennsylvania, one of the USA’s finest printers of high end artist’s editions. The printing was done under personal supervision of the artist. The prints recreate the original paintings in exact detail, with brilliant colors, and the waxy black outlines that were an important feature of the originals. They are printed on bright white extra heavy archival paper, signed and numbered by the artist, and stamped by the printer for authenticity. Most of the original editions of 230 each were sold in the 80’s and 90’s. These prints being offered on our website are artist’s proofs, of which there¬† were 30 each. These work are true early classics, carefully preserved with colors that are as fresh and bright at they were when they were printed.

Prints are shipped flat in rigid oversized packaging.


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