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First edition CD of 2018’s BEEP BEEP TYPE MUSIC by Rodney Alan Greenblat. Signed and numbered by the artist from an edition of 200. Packaging is made out of recycled paperboard, and the CD tray is made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles. (Alert! only a few left!)

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Album Notes

BEEP BEEP TYPE MUSIC is a collection of instrumental sound creations that play around in the vacant lot just outside the theme park of pop music. Because of this the simple patterns, synthesizer beeps, and transitions exist in a realm of open activity. Electronic music itself only exists in circuits powered by electricity. When the plug is pulled out, the music stops. For example, in the track “Misfit Mice Build A Space Base” the mice are represented by a series of sound tones played not by mice, but by a human being controlling a machine. As much as it is an experiment, BEEP BEEP TYPE MUSIC is also entertaining, thoughtful and fun.

This is the fifth solo album by Rodney Alan Greenblat, who is better known for his visual artwork, both as a fine artist and graphic designer. His interest in music started early, learning to play at age six on a transistor powered electric Hammond organ. Later, inspired by minimalist contemporary classical music as well as electronic pop, Rodney has found himself composing music that attempts to combine both into a spare but catchy collection of sounds and patterns.

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