Lightning Temple Buddha 24/7

Painting with acrylic colors including metallic silver and gold on linen. 24 x 30 inches. The picture includes a full inscription and an offering of 5 wooden Karma Coins. This is an APTOTROPAIC painting, meaning “having the power to prevent evil or bad luck”. This type of art was quite common in ancient times.

Lightning Temple Buddha sits in meditation 24 hours a day, seven days a week for nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine years. This is his great talent! How serene he looks! No one knows what he is thinking. Nearby is the Lightning Temple that appears suddenly in a flash, and then disappears, and then reappears a moment latter. It happens so quickly that it seems to be standing still, just as LT Buddha sits nearby as still as a rock. How can this be? Because the Lightning Temple is protected by Orange Owls, and Red Fudo Fighters, it can not be easily defamed. Why do the bells chime “GONE, GONE”? because the Lightning Temple is not there. When Thunder Bunny flies by the Silver Moon, Green Geese honk at the Yellow Sun.