“This Garden Shed” 1989 Gouache and colored pencil on paper with a painted frame. 20 x 27. Collection of the artist.

From a series of gouache and colored pencil paintings, this one was left behind because of it’s lack of a figure or character, as many of my works of this time had. That is what makes this work special, as I always thought it contained a subtle sense of mystery. The shed is fanciful, but also dark and empty. A weird space pod is nearby, and the picture is dominated by a sculptural orange tree form. What is going on? No one knows.

Forgotten location in the backyard, what was it that was stored there? Behind the bushes.

  • Date: January 21, 1989
  • Size: 20 x 27 in
  • Medium: gouache and colored pencil
  • Private Collection